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Comus Thumbs TGP Script
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Comus Thumbs TGP Script, the power to create your own traffic!
  • Grow Bigger and Faster.
  • Capture More Traffic.
  • Increase Productivity.
  • Make more sales.

  • So What Makes Comus Thumbs TGP Script so Special?
    It helps your TGP site GROW BIGGER AND FASTER! By Boosting your Clicks!

    Alright here's how we do it...
    Hi there, this is Tony aka Sixzeros, the author of Comus Thumbs.

    Thanks for considering Comus Thumbs TGP script! I'd like to describe in laymans terms the elements that make Comus such an awesome script. Besides the fact that it has more features and the most powerful content management system of all the TGP scripts, it's REAL power is in it's traffic growing capability.

    With Comus our focus is on increasing productivity... if you know what that can do for your site then skip ahead, but some of you will ask, "So what's productivity anyway and whats the big deal about it?"

    Well productivity is not about getting more work done, although Comus certainly helps you in that respect, it's about generating more clicks on your site. A TGP doing 100,000 HITS per day and 150,000 CLICKS per day is said to be running at 150% productivity. Thats what we mean by a 'prod of 150'. The entire Comus network of TGP sites is averaging over 250% prod by the way, so if you're not at least at this point, you're not even in the game, and the biggest guys are all over 320%.

    So why is this such a big deal?

    Now this becomes important to those of us who are using blind traffic trading techniques to boost TGP traffic, which in todays market constitutes about 99.9999% of us, because it's about the only way to rapidly capture and grow traffic from nothing.
    And of course Traffic = Money!

    In a blind traffic trade system, we use scripts to take a percentage of all the clicks and feed them off to trade partners, who also have scripts set up to return surfers in proportion to what they receive from us. I should note here that Comus Thumbs is NOT a TGP trade script, but it does greatly enhance your trade script, by providing it with better content and information to work with.This allows you to niche-target your incoming traffic to a very high degree, sending your surfers to the exact type of content they want to see.

    Basically the idea of blind traffic trading is to expose a surfer to what you have to offer, let him click a couple of times, and if he hasn't bought anything, send him off in exchange for someone else who might. The idea is that this allows you to expose your sales messages to more consumers, and thus improves your chances of making more sales.

    Let me explain how this TGP script translates directly into more traffic for you.

    Lets look at the hypothetical optimum trade cycle. Assume you have a site being fed with 1000 visitors per day who are clicking on average 3 times for a 300% prod and 3000 clicks, and that we are shaving 33% of those clicks out to trades.
    Day 1 1000 visitors x 300% prod = 3000 clicks x 33% shave to trades = 1000 to trades.
    Day 2 (1000 visitors + 1000 back from trades) x 300% prod = 6000 clicks x 33% shave to trades = 2000 to trades.
    Day 3 (1000 visitors + 2000 back from trades) x 300% prod = 9000 clicks x 33% shave to trades = 3000 to trades.

    If this cycle continued you'd race off into infinity, provided you had adequate traffic sources to return traffic to you, the top Comus sites are actually doing this.
    But most TGP sites who are not running Prod Booster are doing something more like this: (assume a 150% prod and a 30% shave).
    Day 1 1000 bookmarkers x 150% prod = 1500 clicks x 30% = 450 to trades.
    Day 2 1000 bookmarkers + 450 from trades x 150% prod = 2175 clicks x 30% = 653 to trades.
    Day 3 1000 bookmarkers + 653 from trades x 150% prod = 2479 clicks x 30% = 744 to trades.

    Now I'm not sure if you're able to see where this is going but the gains are decreasing gradually each day until your traffic to trades finally caps at around 2.72 times bookmarkers.

    Day 11 1000 bookmarkers + 818 from trades x 150% prod = 2727 x 30% = 818 0.15 to trades.
    Day 12 1000 bookmarkers + 818 from trades x 150% prod = 2727 x 30% = 818 0.15 to trades.

    So with low prod your site is capped at the limit of the number of your bookmarkers who are providing your daily traffic feed.
    As long as you are under the productivity threshold, (around 300%) no amount of trades can save you, you're dead in the water. Although the closer you get to 300% the bigger you can get.

    Now I can't gaurantee that Comus will get you over that 300% threshold, because the average productivity across the entire network is only 250%. However, the top guys in the TGP biz are doing it, and I dare any of them to see how long they can sustain 300%+ after turning the Comus Prod Booster Technology off.

    But lets assume that Comus still doesnt get you over the productivity threshold and only increases your productivity by 50%, and as you'll see below the average gains are more than this. Lets say right now you have a site doing 100k clicks per day and you skim at 30%. If you install Comus today, and manage to increase your clicks to 150k per day, you've just gained the ability to feed an extra 15k of clicks per day to your trades. That alone makes Comus worth it, but thats just your first day, that 15k is going to go out, feed back, and get bigger.

    I hope it is obvious at this point, how extra productivty and the accelerated traffic flow triggers a feedback loop which enables you to spin up to a new level, and in many cases sites who repair their low prod explode two or three times their original size, after installing Comus. Simply by being able to trade in higher volumes. I havent even touched upon what prod booster does for your bookmarkers, but further down this page I'll get more into how Prod Booster improves your total quality and therefore the appeal of your whole site, producing many more bookmarkers.

    Hmmm, I just read over this message again, and I'm not so sure its in layman's terms, but I hope its informative, and gives you a helpful perspective on productivity and how it relates to your site growth.

    The point here is, if you want to improve your TGP traffic, there is nothing yet invented that will give you more gains in traffic flow for your $dollar than Comus Thumbs TGP script and it's amazing Prod Booster technology. I've used a lot of phrases to describe it, but my favorite is that Comus is literally like STEROIDS for your TGP.

    Thanks again for considering Comus Thumbs. I hope you join our community and I look forward to growing great TGP websites with you.

    Cheers! Sixzeros.

    Sounds good to me - I want it

    Codraw of WildFacials and MessiestFacials...
    I thought it was that simple just to put thumbs on the sites and they (surfers) would click, that proves me wrong... without this prod boost, I WAS LIVING IN THE STONE AGE, this plan boosted 2 of my sites within less than 24hrs... before blind trades were 70%-85% productivity, now its 120+% and my sites grew 200% in less than 72 hours!
    27k to 63k in less than 24 hrs ...hehe
    holy SMOKES!!! how long has it taken to grow?
    been around 25-30k for a while
    so it was on 25 to 30k for months, we apply Comus, and with no new trades it grew in 24hours to 63k ??
    Codraw :
    that's right
    about 12 hrs after comus had collected enough clicks and rating
    SixZeros-ComusThumbs :
    maybe, I should just stop selling it, and just make sites.
    Codraw :
    just like what i've done, keep building sites...
    SixZeros-ComusThumbs :
    Hmmm, I guess its time we looked for a bigger server...

    [Edit* Its been twelve months since we had this conversation, I didnt make sites, I just concentrated on improving Comus. Codraw churned more sites out on his server licence, recently he contacted me to tell me that one of his servers was far over his 10mbit limit, it's time for more servers again.]

    Dan of Hardsextacy who is now over 300k...
    I'm curious, when you started how big were you? And how big are you now?
    Dan S:
    when I got comus I was at 50k its rocketed to 250k
    the other site was at 20k and went to 90k
    just lately I was struggling a bit
    Sixzeros-Comus Thumbs:
    Wow! Do you think it was Comus?
    Dan S:
    yes, only Comus and a few new trades
    Sixzeros-Comus Thumbs:
    You were struggling?
    Dan S:
    Well, I was very frustrated as I worked my ass off and the site didnt grow, sales were down too, but after 5 years of fulltime adult webmaster, I dont think there is a way out of the game anymore :D
    Sixzeros-Comus Thumbs:
    heheh, its like 'damn if I'll be beaten.
    Dan S:
    Sixzeros-Comus Thumbs:
    Well good on ya man, glad to see it working out for ya. Hit me up anytime, if there's anything I can do for ya.

    Okay Enough already - Where do I get it?

    Most of the sites below exploded to over 200k PER DAY within weeks of applying the Comus Edge.

    Some of them jumped 10k to 20k per day!. And where are they today? You'll find them in the top of the mega thumb sites, all over the web. Just check the Comus sites on Alexa, the growth can be nothing short of explosive, like these 500k+ per day sites here who are all averaging 300%+ productivity while maintaining an aggressive trading schedule.

    How did they do it? First of all these guys were already doing almost everything right, but they seemed to have peaked, Comus just gave them that extra edge they needed to rocket to the top and stay there.

    Just ICQ one of the site owners above and ask, 'What happened when you switched to Comus?'. The answer is almost universal, "It was amazing man! My site just TOOK OFF! It was jumping 10k, 20k a day! I doubled in size within days.".

    Comus Prod Booster Technology. This is the real power of Comus, the Next Generation productivity boosting technology that makes your site grow. Comus automatically quality controls your site, by throwing away the stuff that surfers dont like, and keeping only the stuff that they do. How well does this Comus Prod Booster really work?
    Maybe these numbers will shed some light on the situation.

    The figures above show why new Comus sites see the explosive growth that they see, because with their old Technology they're effectively running at 50% of what they could be. I cant imagine why any established Comus user would want to drop their script, their sites plummet the minute that Prod Booster turns off. I've had more than one frantic call for help to turn prod booster back on, but there's lots of people in the forums all the time who can lend a hand.

    But if you want to go back to your old script, just let me know, I'll give your money back, no questions asked.

    Okay! Hook me up with Comus Now!

    Hi I'm Tony aka Sixzeros, the author of Comus Thumbs. Working with Comus is usually a very personal experience between you and the support team over here, so we might as well get acquainted early.

    You've probably noticed Comus Thumbs sites popping up all over the place. New or established sites who suddenly explode to become some of your biggest trades. And you might be wondering,
    "Where the hell are they coming from, and how are they doing that?".

    You might have heard of the great reputation of Comus Thumbs. When you download our TGP script, you become part of a community, and we knock ourselves out to give support our webmasters. We also offer an incredible amount of information in our community forums on how to use the script and maximize it's potential.We also keep watch over our free support section of the forums constantly,and there's always someone who will respond to your posts quickly and help you find the answers you need. We take the health of your business very personally, and want to empower you with all the knowledge it takes to succeed.

    The personal support approach is important to us here, its how Comus came to be the TGP management script of choice for many. We like to get close to our customers to make sure everything is running right. Everyone wins; we get great ideas from listening to feedback from our customers, and from using the script ourselves on all of our own personal TGP and MGP sites. Those ideas roll back into the product updates and new features, which makes your site the beneficiary of all our hands-on research and development. Our customers get sites that not only work well, they continually evolve with all the latest whizzbang tricks.

    I've been very lucky to work with many webmasters and build what they need for a successful site, I look forward to being able to do the same for you. I can't promise that you will be the biggest guy on the web, but if we work together for a while, hopefully you'll learn a lot about the TGP business, and create a successful enterprise that will make you VERY satisfied.


    Tony aka Sixzeros

    More Traffic How? Well here's some of the things Comus Thumbs will do for you. It gets people to click more- this tgp script tracks all clicks and automatically rebuilds your site every 10 minutes with the stuff your surfers like best. It also creates really high quality, compressed thumbs, without you ever having to load Photoshop or other expensive and time consuming graphics tools, your thumbs are guaranteed to look their absolute best,
    Save Time with prepared content from the Sponsor Hosted Gallery Database Don't want to waste your valuable time creating thousands of high-quality thumbnail images? Don't worry, we've already done the work for you! Our database of thousands of pre-thumbed galleries are available to you instantly with our "One-Click Install" system. Download the galleries, then all you have to do is join the sponsor's affiliate programs, enter your new affiliate codes into the filters, and instanly you will have thousands of galleries with your affiliate codes in them, rotating on your site, getting exposure to your surfers and GETTING CLICKED.

    Make More Sales The script's awesome capability to track and filter your niche trafic allows you to convert more clicks to sales, by giving you powerful options to control your incoming and outgoing traffic. For example, you can send traffic that comes in to your site from a Latin site to a page on your TGP that is automatically generated each day with the most popular Latin content, as well as any other Latin content you wish to promote such as banners or text links. which also generates more clicks for your latin trades and higher sales conversions.

    Better Control We give you more advertising options, to make money, with powerful layout controls, such as multi thumb sizes, custom and hidden categories, abilty to split and control your galleries. For example you can rotate your own galleries in prime locations, while submitters will cycle through and expire. You can also add frames to your galleries which change depending on what niche was clicked. You can rotate banners, in any location, filtering your most popular to the best spots.

    Make Better Sites We give you total design and layout freedom, with more tools and controls. Whatever your imagination can conjure up: Yesterdays thumbs, Hall of Fame, Tuesdays Thumbs, last weeks thumbs, blonde thumbs from all categories, your own thumbs, text links only, archive pages, most clicked, there really is no limit to what you can do with this TGP script. And although it can get quite complex, we make it super easy with a vast wealth of knowledge available to you in our support forums. Want something done just for you? Tell us what you want, and we'll create a project to put you on the right path.

    Control More Sites Multisite support. Comus comes standard with powerful import capabilities allowing you to do things like spider url pages, existing TGP sites, other Comus databases, or just transfer as little as 1 gallery, a whole category or everything across multiple sites. You can use this to get started quickly, import hosted galleries, or sync multiple sites up, so that you only need to prep your content once, and then post across dozens or even hundreds of sites.

    The most important feature of all: Superior Support. We've just touched upon some of the things that Comus Thumbs does that others don't. We wont kid you though, setting up a TGP script that has twice the features of other scripts means you probably have twice as much to learn. But we want you to know that we're there for you, with a very active webmaster community in our support forums and hundreds of articles, Tips and Tricks and Troubleshooting information right there at your fingertips! If you have any problem or question, we think you'll be very surprised at how easy it is to find the answers you need. Working with a Comus Thumbs TGP script is a really a joint venture between you and us. Need a little extra help, some mentoring or some custom work? We can also work with you one-on-one to get your site setup just the way you want it, and help you learn how to get to the next level.

    See more of what Comus Thumbs can do below.

    See the Comus Thumbs TGP script Demo Site Here
    Password is Demo

    Dont have a credit card that works?
    Contact us via email at sales2007(at), and we can arrange alternate payment. We have ePassporte, wire transfer, paypal, western union, Egold, money bookers, Yahoo paydirect or US check.
    We offer several different pricing packages
    Option 1: The Full Single Domain licence.
    Comus Thumbs Single Domain License.
    Just $295 $100 per domain.

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    Comus Thumbs extra domains. 
    $195 $100.00 per additional domain

    Via Credit Card with Clickbank
    Order single domain licence Via Paypal Using Credit Card or Paypal Account
    Dont have a credit card that works?
    Contact us via email at support(at), or open a trouble ticket at
    The Epower / Comus Ticket System
    and we can arrange alternate payment. We have ePassporte, wire transfer, paypal, western union, Egold, money bookers, Yahoo paydirect or US check.
    Install And Setup Options
    Want to get the most out of your setup? Have one of our experts completely set your site up for you. Just lay your site out how you want it to look, tell us how you want it to work, and we take care of the rest. We can employ the latest techniques and the undocumented features of Comus to boost your TGP site's performance. $395.
    (Does not include domain licence fees)

    Via Credit Card with Clickbank
    If you want us to handle the installation we will need FTP info, and a mysql database and password with minimum requirements already setup on the server. Just $45 per domain.

    Via Credit Card with Clickbank
    Click below to order complete site setup Services via Credit Card with Paypal
    Click below to order single domain install Services via Credit Card with Paypal
    Dont have a credit card that works?
    Contact us via email at support(at), or open a trouble ticket at
    The Epower / Comus Ticket System
    and we can arrange alternate payment. We have ePassporte, wire transfer, paypal, western union, Egold, money bookers, Yahoo paydirect or US check.
    Multi Domain Packages
    Comus Thumbs 5 Domain Pack $400
    Self Installed.

    Via Credit Card with Clickbank
    Comus Thumbs 10 Domain Pack $750
    Self Installed.

    Via Credit Card with Clickbank
    Order 5 Pack with credit card or paypal account through paypal
    Order 10 Pack with credit card or paypal account through paypal
    Dont have a credit card that works?
    Contact us via email at support(at), or open a trouble ticket at
    The Epower / Comus Ticket System
    and we can arrange alternate payment. We have ePassporte, wire transfer, paypal, western union, Egold, money bookers, Yahoo paydirect or US check.

    Server Requirements
  • PHP4 with MySql.
  • Zend Optimizer.
  • Image Magick and GD for PHP preferably 32bit GD2.

    More of the Comus Thumbs features
    • MySQL and Zend optimized PHP
    • Super easy thumbnail cropping tools for both you and your submitters.
    • Fully automated gallery scanner checks and blacklists cheaters.
    • Built in template based website builder allows unlimited options for category and archive pages.
    • Bulk gallery scan tools.
    • Partners are given individual rankings so can trade your top listings.
    • Gallery listing is static html so it loads very fast for very high volume sites
    • Thumbs can be any size and dimensions. rectangles or squares, tall or wide
    • You set quality of thumbs to be created.
    • Thumbs are created from the full size images for maximum quality
    • Movie galleries are scanned for content
    • Thumbs can be created from movie sample images
    • Advanced gallery review area with filtered results so you check and approve/deny whatever and how many you want.
    • Set your site to auto update any time you want, hourly, daily, weekly.
    • Advance gallery queuing tools for specific updates. You can set a gallery to display days after you approve it.
    • Set the number of galleries that get displayed each update.
    • Powerful tools to search for, edit, update or delete any and all galleries in database
    • Can set separate daily post limits for preferred or normal submitters
    • You define number of sample images that are grabbed from a gallery for your thumb making options
    • Run both thumbnail and Text listings on the same page.
    • Run multi sized thumbs and banners on the same page.
    • Customize how the entire site looks with templates, variables and macros.
    • Customize thumbnail tables for size, border, cell space and padding.
    • All emails are template driven
    • Send emails as html or plain text
    • Can require reciprocal link
    • Can set Min/Max number of images/movies required
    • Email confirmation of post to submitter and require them to respond
    • Email notification of gallery approval or denial
    • Easy TGP trade script interaction
    • Option to have separate trade settings for thumbs or text links
    • Preferred submitters get listed right away (using password)
    • Can have site update on its own every day
    • Email and Gallery display all template driven
    • Black list by email address, IP or domain
    • Display mixed galleries or separated categories
    • Can place thumbs and text links anywhere on page that you want
    • Turn on or off new gallery acceptance
    • Add or remove categories on the fly
    • Full web admin interface
    • Administrative area password protected for security
    • IP based security checks for administration area
    • Can check for and set limit of off site links on galleries (limit adverts and/or recips)
    • Duplicate post check
    • Banned word check during submission
    • Allow or deny Java Scripts
    • Allow or deny Flash
    • Allow or deny iframes
    • Allow or deny embedded objects
    • Allow or deny pop-up
    • Galleries can be rescanned on an individual basis to see if they have changed from when they were submitted
    • Roll over code built in
    • Support unlimited Categories
    • Automatically adjust your rules for you
    • Gallery Check is fast, fast, fast.
    • Bulk gallery add tool for admin galleries
    • Free upgrades for one year from purchase
    • The list goes on and on.......
  • Heres more of what Comus Thumbs gives you, that other scripts dont!

  • Hitbot Detection and Hitbot Protection, stops you from being cheated.
  • Niche traffic filtering, for higher productivity and better conversion ratios, allows you to redirect incoming traffic to its niche page.
  • Niche Targetting, for better traffic trading, means you grow faster, by matching outgoing traffic trades to the niche of the link or thumb clicked.
  • Dynamic Skimming, allows you to cream the traffic, and make more money, by setting different skim ratios for yourself, partner submitters and others.
  • Gallery Rotation, means less work for you, and allows you to take full advantage of your personal custom galleries, by just setting it up and forgetting about it.
  • Banner Rotation, allows you to profit and target your offerings, and match them to the niche of the surfer. You can use any sized thumbs, even banner sizes.
  • Auto Thumbnailing and Digital Filtering, less work, better quality, more bookmarkers.
  • Automatic Thumb Rating and Click Tracking, for better productivity.
  • Total Layout controls with built in query language, means any layout rules you can imagine, this script can handle.

    Plus all the best features of other TGP scripts, such as...

  • Auto rebuilds your site with fresh content, means less work.
  • Auto scans your submittals for rules, stops people cheating you with popups, etc.
  • Auto scans and detects if people have changed pages, and replaces them, to protect you.
  • Sort and filter textlinks and thumbs by any criteria, age date, category, etc.
  • Templated layout means you can convert absolutely any site.
  • Powerful import tools allow you to quickly pull galleries from anywhere.
  • Click here to set up today!

    Its all about Getting People to Click More.
    Comus allows you to focus both your incoming and outgoing traffic by niche, that means your conversions are higher, your click productivity is higher, and the traffic you send to others is of better quality. Thats because, for example,  when you send latin traffic to latin sites, it just clicks more and sells more, and with Comus you can do this with multiple niches on a single site.

  • That means you can grow faster, because you have more traffic to work with and trade with.
  • You can attract and hold trade partners better because your traffic is of better quality, particulary as it becomes more commonly known what the script does, people will seek you out.
  • The multi niche nature of Comus allows you to take advantage of the great variety of content available out there, and easily promote multiple sponsors. You can niche-target and filter your TGP traffic to them, and this means higher conversion ratios.
  • You can make more sales, so you make more money, because you get to offer more to your visitors. The same amount of traffic now does more work because more clicks means each visitor gets to see more of your offerings. 
  • Comus makes it easy to work multiple websites with a single script, with powerful import and export capabilties. That means you can make more sites, you simply edit the content once and then post it across to all sites.
  • Comus is designed primarily to be a macro managed script, the idea is to allow you to micro manage less, with set and forget options, and the ability to make changes that affect all sites, you just load it up with galleries, and let Comus worry about how they get released to the site.
  • Micro managing capabilities, but it also allows you to make fine tune adjustments such as scheduling specific galleries to appear on specific days at specific locations, setting priority to galleries so they get listed higher and longer, easy location of specific galleries on your site with 'edit mode' so you can change them in a click.
  • You can increase your profits because now you can get the same amount of traffic to do more work.
  • Easily and quickly work your way into the top 10% of adult sites, its a lot easier to get 30 niches to do 1k hits a day each, than it is to get a single website to do 30k hits a day.
  • Other webmasters will be more likely to want to do business with you when you are trading, selling traffic or selling partner gallery spots from a Comus Thumbs site rather than one using an inferior script.This opens doors for you in networking that would be otherwise closed.
  • To our knowlege this is the only script that can do all this for less than $4500, you would need 60 scripts across 30 domains to do what a single install of this TGP script can do
  • What's the "bottom line"? MONEY. You just make more money with Comus Thumbs TGP script. 

    Click here to get started today!

  • Click here to set up today!

  Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Comus Scripts TEL:(702)997-2477.
    (Terms and Conditions)

    Visit our support forums for technical help Forums Here
    Or existing customers can open a support ticket at Ticket System Here

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